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Pride Week


Stonewall, our UK LGBT charity partner, have produced a range of workplace guides to help organisations develop their LGBT strategies and networks.  These guides cover a wide range of topics and are all available to read on our UK Pride Echonet page.

10 reasons why you should fill in those funny box things at the end of forms.

Research designed to help organisations think more carefully about how lesbians can be themselves in the workplace.

An introduction to trans inclusion in the workplace

Showcases best practice from organisations whose network groups are improving the workplace for LGBT employees as well as services for gay consumers and clients 

A study on gay people and productivity, demonstrating that staff who can be open about their sexuality at work are more likely to enjoy work, feel able to be themselves, form honest relationships with their colleagues, be more confident and ultimately more productive. 

Establishing the business case and importance of role models in the workplace.

This guide shares examples of how firms are developing interventions that help all managers understand how diversity enhances the performance of their teams. 

How they help create gay-friendly workplaces

This guide showcases some of the best work being undertaken by organisations across the country to educate staff about the issues that may affect their lesbian, gay and bisexual colleagues.

Video Resources

No Bystanders Anti-Bullying and Discrimination Video

No Bystanders - Stonewall want to put an end to bullying, abusive language and discrimination of all kinds. This 60 second film, narrated by Ian McKellen, shows why we need to do just that. 


Coming In - a short film about understanding daily life for LGBT employees working in organisations.  This touching documentary features stories from eight gay and lesbian workers in three French company's and explores questions of difference and Otherness within corporate culture.